Squash has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few years. Reasons to start playing are diverse: popularity, the desire to lose weight, the natural urge to try new things, and many others. Whatever the reason, this sport guarantees good fun and a whole lot of health benefits. But let’s get to the point – how to get started? What should every beginner know? This article will explain some of the essential information.

Rules of squash

Of course, there is much more to the game than just bouncing a ball against the wall. Like any sport, squash has its own rules, which must be followed during the game. Firstly, the player who starts the game is selected by drawing. After the draw, the actual game begins, the game begins from the first serve. To play correctly, you must remember that:

  1. The ball bounces off the front wall between the service line and the fault line
  2. After a rebound, the ball falls behind the short line of the opposite serving area
  3. During a service, the player performing the service must have at least one foot in the serving area
  4. During the game, it is permitted for the ball to bounce off the side or back wall before falling to the floor
  5. A wrongly executed serve results in giving the ball back to the opponent.
  6. Defending a service can take place after the ball has been deflected in the serving area or immediately in the air
  7. If the ball hits the floor twice, or a player bounces the ball twice, the opponent gains a point
  8. A set is considered completed when one of the players scores 11 points
  9. The game is usually played in 2 or 3 sets

However, as you know, the rules themselves are only theoretical and best learned in practice. So, what about practice? You are just a few simple steps away from your first game.

Who to play with?

Who you want to play with is an individual matter. Some will want to start their adventure with squash by meeting with a coach, who will explain everything in a professional manner. Others will look for friends who simply have some experience in the game. Some might persuade their relatives to play the sport with them. It is also a good idea to play with new people you meet on the court. The most important thing is to choose a person with whom you will enjoy playing.

Where to play?

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of squash, a growing number of locations are opening up squash courts. The best approach is to find a local court through a Google search, get acquainted with the prices, reviews and then choose a convenient booking date. The cost of renting a court is usually about 50 PLN, but everything depends on the town and the facility where the court is located.

What equipment do you need to play your first game?

Firstly, you need comfortable sportswear – this is the bare minimum, as squash requires a lot of effort. It is worth paying attention to the sole of your shoes – you should choose shoes with a light underside, as dark-colored undersides may leave marks on the court. Additionally, you should bring something to drink, a towel, and other similar useful accessories during physically demanding activities. Fortunately, you do not have to invest in anything else right away. It is possible to rent equipment on most courts, such as a ball, rackets, or even glasses. Prices are usually not too high, so this will be the best option for those who are just beginning their adventure with squash and do not know whether this sport is the right one for them.

Just a warm-up and… you’re good to go!

Everyone knows the importance of a proper warm-up. Reduced risk of injury, improved blood supply to the muscles, and greater strength during the game – those are just some of the benefits of a properly performed warm-up. Once it is done, you can finally start and enjoy a game of squash.

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