Combine health with fun

Do you want to lose a few pounds, but you’re not motivated to do grueling workouts, after which you still don’t see any results? There is a way! Losing weight does not have to be associated with sweat, tears, and pain. Instead, it can be combined with far more pleasant activities. Sport is an ideal way to lose weight. It will boost your health, strengthen your body and improve your mood. But is squash, the seemingly ordinary bouncing of the ball against a wall, enough to achieve the body of your dreams? Of course it is!

Squash and weight loss

For some, squash seems to be a sport not worthy of attention, a simple game for children. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular form of activity nowadays. In this game, dynamics, speed, and reflexes all play an important role. While playing, our strength, endurance, agility, and logical thinking skills are put to the test. We constantly have to move around the court, adapt to the ball’s movement, and our lower-body muscles are the most engaged – our legs, thighs, and glutes. According to experts, 60 minutes of squash a day can burn up to 800 calories! This makes it an ideal option for weight loss, a good alternative for individuals who would like to lose weight but quickly lose motivation and desire for regular workouts.

Lose weight the smart way

Sport is primarily associated with health and vitality, but it is worth bearing in mind that other factors affect weight loss. A well-balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, an optimal amount of sleep, and avoiding all kinds of stimulants. One of the most important aspects is consistency. Even a grueling workout performed once a month will not bring any spectacular results. Consistency and persistence will pay off with time, and it is important not to get discouraged after a week or two. Every hour spent on self-development is time that will pay off, so don’t give up too quickly!

Squash doesn’t just support weight loss

It is quite a challenging activity, and it will bring other wonderful benefits for your body besides weight loss. Your hand-eye coordination will greatly improve, muscles will strengthen, and your flexibility and agility will improve. Another great benefit is the opportunity to get rid of negative emotions. During physical activity, stress levels are also reduced, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm afterward. Over time, your mood will also improve, and your self-confidence will grow, which will undoubtedly benefit your everyday life.

Sign up today and watch the weight come off

Losing weight while participating in your favorite sport allows you to combine pleasure with business, so don’t hesitate any longer and sign up for the court! Remember that motivation is one of the most important aspects of exercise, don’t let discouragement take control of you and prove to yourself that you can do it. Remember about rest periods and consistency, and the effects will begin to appear in the blink of an eye.

It is also worth noting that squash was recognized by the editors of the “Forbes” magazine as the healthiest sport in the world, leaving behind activities such as swimming, cycling, or rowing.

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